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Explore the Hazel Rose's Erotic World 

big ebony booty in black fishnet tights and panties

Welcome to my world. Indulge in all things Hazel Rose! Step into the realm where fantasy meets reality, a place sculpted for the connoisseurs of seduction and elegance. You are about to embark on an intimate journey with Hazel Rose, an icon of desire in the world of erotic artistry. Here, within the confines of this VIP fan site, I WILL PLEASURE  YOU TILL YOU ARE SATISFIED. I am thrilled to offer you a world of SEXY EBONY BEAUTY.  I HAVE THE exclusive content that you won't find anywhere else. 

touch my buttons and explore ....MMMM..


Your First Question was Who is that!?!?  beyond the sexy, beyond the Silky ebony skin, kissable lips, and perfect perky ass. Of course as you most likely know, I am a webcam model, content creator and Erotic Blogger. I am from Windy City, specifically the suburbs. I now reside in the hot state of florida. I was a gymnast which gave me a slim athletic figure. once 18 I Become a Erotic Dancer/ stripper and quickly learned how to work the pole.  OF course I am a fan of theater which you can see and hear in my Chaturbate streams.  My fans know me for my sense of humor, flexibility, sensual nature, and my effortless beauty. I love creating a space where my fans feel embraced with a sense of relaxing comfort yet sexual Tension. I have always fully enjoyed the joy and arousal I bring to both strangers and friends alike, so Camming came easy. I worked my way to know my nature and body and mind; I  didn't want to just be a fantasy, but a friend, a lover and person to trust. I wanted to try and not only heal people from negative intimate experiences, but also create positive experiences for those who wanted a Deep Emotional connection.  Through every photo, I tell a story that delves deep into the desires of your heart, leaving a unique craving for more.


I invite you to join the Site and experience what I have to offer. Let me show you how satisfying I really am.

I am a muse, an artist, and a siren whose songs you cannot resist.

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