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Top Five Things I Love to Do Before Sex: The Ultimate Playbook

LETS'S FUCK !!!! .... Who's READY?

happy white couple in bed with bright white sheet in a big comfortable bed
It time to get Naughty!!!

Are you looking to spice up your pre-sex ritual and really connect with your partner on a deeper level? Well, you're in luck because I'm here to share with you my ultimate playbook of the top five things I love to do before sex. From sensual massages to steamy showers and everything in between, these activities are sure to set the mood and make your intimate time together even more enjoyable. So, let's dive in and discover some new ways to enhance your pre-sex routine together. Of course you're not going to do these things all at once, but mix it up throughout different times and you definitely see a difference in your partners satisfaction. Your love life is about to take a beautiful turn for the better.

The Magic Touch of Massage

Diving into the world of pre-sex activities, giving your partner a sensual massage is like unwrapping a gift slowly, savoring every moment. Imagine the lights dimmed, your favorite seductive playlist in the background, and the warm, inviting scent of massage oil filling the air. This isn't just any massage; it's an exploration, a dance of fingertips on skin, where every stroke and knead promises more delights to come. As you glide your hands over their body, paying attention to the spots that make them sigh and squirm with pleasure, you're not just easing muscle tension—you're building an electric connection. I don't know if you guys remember but I wrote a blog post on erotic massages so if you are really into this one I would suggest go read that one after this. This tactile conversation can speak volumes, whispering promises of the passion to come, and drawing you both into a deeper, more intimate bond. It's this kind of touch, deliberate and full of intention. Let's not forget, the power of touch can turn up the heat like nothing else.

Kisses that Travel from Head to Toe

Oh, let me tell you about the power of a journey—a journey that starts with a single kiss and embarks on an exploration that’s thorough, from the crown of your head right down to the tips of the toes. It’s a playful yet profound adventure where your lips become the cartographer, mapping out territories of pleasure with every tender touch. This expedition is not about the destination; it’s all about the detours, the little stops along the way where a kiss lingers longer, drawing a shiver, a gasp, a moan. It's in these moments that the world outside fades, leaving nothing but the electric buzz of skin on skin, breath mingling in the air. You're discovering hidden desires, igniting sparks that promise to blaze into something unforgettable. This prelude, this dance of kisses, is a testament to the depth of your connection and the intensity of the passion you're about to unleash. So, let’s not rush. Let’s savor every kiss, every breath, every sigh, and let this be the melody that guides us into the night.

Showering Together - Oooo Steamy

Slipping into the shower together, the warmth cascading down your bodies, is an undeniably sexy prelude that elevates your pre-sex ritual to new heights. This shared space becomes an intimate stage where every droplet of water accentuates the anticipation between you. With each sudsy touch and playful splash, you're not just washing away the day's stress; you're revealing layers of desire, setting the mood of the room to one of steamy exploration. It’s about being together, fully present, and delighting in the sensual dance of water and touch—a wet and wild warm-up that promises even more thrilling acts to follow. Taking advantage of the intimate enclosure, the shower can be a space where sensual exploration can commence, initiating the first act in your symphony of pleasure. Wet, warmed, and primed, you both are perfectly positioned to begin what you both have been waiting for the whole night As you step out of the shower, each droplet left on your skin serves as a tantalizing reminder of your sensual beginning, perfectly setting the stage for everything in the bed. If you are anything like me you would be leaving the shower wet and ready for round 2.

Elevate the Mood with a Jacuzzi Soak

Imagine stepping into a world where the worries of the day dissolve as quickly as the bubbles rise in a warm, inviting jacuzzi. This isn't just soaking; it's an indulgent prelude to passion, a ritual where the water's heat seeps deep into your bones, relaxing and readying you for the pleasures ahead. There's something undeniably sensual about the jacuzzi's embrace, the way the jets massage and tease, mimicking the touch of a lover's hands exploring your body. The steam rises, mingling with the anticipation in the air, crafting an intoxicating atmosphere that speaks directly to the senses. As you both settle into the water, let the conversation flow as freely as the bubbles, laughter and whispers filling the space between you, drawing you closer in this shared sanctuary of warmth and intimacy. This luxurious soak isn't just about relaxation; it's an invitation to explore, to connect on a level that transcends the physical, setting the stage for an evening where the heat of the water is only surpassed by the heat of the moments to come.

Getting Loose with a Little Help from Booze or Enhancers

Who says all guests need an invitation? When it comes to heating things up before the main event, introducing a playful aid or two can be just the twist you need. Think of it as welcoming a little extra fun into the room—a cheeky honey pack for that sweet boost or a couple of flirtatious cocktails to dial down the day's tensions and dial up the desire. These aren't just accessories; they're partners in crime, whispering the promise of uninhibited adventures. Mix in a matching set of libations, and watch as the laughter flows as freely as the drinks, melting away any remnants of stress or shyness. It’s about creating a space where you’re both more open, relaxed, and ready to explore the heights of pleasure together. So, let’s make a toast to this delicious prelude, crafting a playful preamble that sets the tone for the passionate play that lies ahead.

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Theresa Koshak
Jun 04
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

That sounds very romantic. You have very enticing ideas but what if you don’t have a nice body

Princess Rosey
Princess Rosey
Jun 06
Replying to

It about your speech and eyes just as much as your body. Your allure

Your energy should give off sexiest woman in the world !!!

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